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Sunflower Cam……

By ShowMeTheMoney | April 22, 2008

We have been busy working away for a couple of months solid so there has been a distinct lack of posts recently! We have finished a lot of what we set out to get coded so we are now moving into some of the more interesting promotional stuff (ie the fun bits! 🙂 ). Anyway for a bit of a break check out our sunflower cam. We are having a sunflower growing competition this year, they are happily growing away in the greenhouse just outside our office window…..

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Mass Automation and Scripting?

By ShowMeTheMoney | January 10, 2008

A belated Happy New Year! 🙂 Ten days into the new year already and we are still busy working on our new project. One tool we have come across that’s going to help us enormously is iMacros from iopus.
Basically it’s a web automation, testing and scraping tool and its proving invaluable. Once you scale up from one or two websites to hundreds or even thousands then its just impossible to control and set things up without some form of scripting and automation. After evaluating quite a few rival automation / macro recorders we came to the conclusion that imacros is currently the best available for the stuff we need to be able to do. That’s not to say its perfect but until something better comes along its our automation tool of choice.

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MSN and Sitemaps

By ShowMeTheMoney | December 24, 2007

If you have a site with a very large number of pages (100,000+) having a sitemap is the key to pushing past the limits of normal indexing. One of the sites for our new project has over 200K pages, the only way we are going to get even 10% of that indexed is by generating a decent sitemap. Creating a sitemap for that many pages is a bit of challenge, we are using GSitecrawler at the moment but even that is struggling with the volume. As I type one of the crawling jobs has been running for over four days! The big three search engines have all adopted some form of sitemap submission or discovery. MSN was the last and their sitemap submission is still in beta but can be found at webmaster.live.com.

A happy xmas and a prosperous new year to you all 🙂

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Affiliate Burnout?

By ShowMeTheMoney | December 20, 2007

Sorry its been very quiet here on the blog, but we have been working solid for almost two months now on various projects. Just so you know we arent slacking 😉  See pics below from Affiliate Monkeys HQ

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Home fabrication / 3d printing – one to watch!

By ShowMeTheMoney | November 18, 2007

The last few weeks have been lacking in posts because I’ve been so busy working on web site projects with my old friend Munaf. We are three weeks into a large project that’s going to be utilising all the things I hope I’ve learned over the last couple of years internet marketing.

This morning I’ve just been catching up on a couple of blogs I monitor. Digital Urban is one of my favourites and they always have interesting and thought provoking articles. In many ways the subject matter of their blog is right at the cutting edge of internet / GIS technology.One post that really caught my eye recently was to do with home fabrication. Hard to explain what exactly this is, think 3d printing, go take a look at the post!  I honestly think in the next few years this could be big. You can see that the technology is coming on in leaps and bounds.  I can think of a whole host of good ideas for website and products around this technology when it breaks into the main stream. I still think we are a couple of years away from that but its definitely one to watch.

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Affiliate Marketing and Black Hat SEO?

By ShowMeTheMoney | November 3, 2007

November already eh! New month, new project here at Monkey HQ. Just spent all week working with a friend of mine on the framework behind some new sites. We have churned out some serious code this week, more than I’ve written since I quit my software dev job back in 2005. It felt quite like old times…..except we weren’t working on mind numbingly boring and tedious jobs, oh and the coffees miles better 🙂 

I’ve also gone  over to the dark side…well maybe only a tad…

Whatever you may think of Black Hat Techniques there’s no denying that some of the real black hatters know more about how Google’s search engine algorithm works  than all of the so called SEO experts put together. They’ve learned by experimentation (probably more than is healthy for them!) what strategies work for SEO and what don’t. I am sick of hearing the expert and not so expert tell me the latest SEO theories. Well I don’t want theories, I want facts. What really works and what doesent….at least to the extent that it actually makes a differece to the traffic coming to my site via the Big G…..

And like it or not the guys with the 1,000,000 pages indexed Black Hat spam sites have many of the answers when it comes to SEO (via the sheer amount of experimentation they have had to undertake). For every ten sites they put up they probably lose another ten from Google’s  indexes. So they are in a constant battle to stay ahead of the game. Now I don’t intend to throw up a million spam filled pages every week! I do intend to pay serious attention to some of the things I’ve learned and apply them to my own projects.

Now some people (for “some” read “vast majority of web site owners making zero money”) seem to think Google is this benevolent organisation intent on a level playing field for all etc, etc (don’t make me laugh.) Lets get real, Google is a commercial operation, its not a charity, they owe you nothing, zip, zilch. At the end of the day they work for their shareholders, just make sure you dont work for their shareholders as well! You don’t have to bend over backwards to appease these guys, you just have to think outside the box and work smarter than the average website owner……

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Stuff The Gurus, Do It Yourself Instead!

By ShowMeTheMoney | October 25, 2007

I am all for outsourcing jobs to save time. Times the one thing you’ll never have enough off, so making the best use of it is always a good idea.  Web site development and coding is an obvious area where its possible to get someone else to do the donkey work. However in my opinion before you can give someone else the work to do you need to know how to do it yourself. Believe me if you don’t know at least the fundamentals of how things hang together between the web, scripting code, your domains etc, etc then somewhere along the line you will get ripped off.

You cant expect to try and make money on the internet without having the least idea how things work.  I am constantly amazed at the mile high expectations and low background knowledge of people entering this business. You don’t have to fork out vast sums  to some internet guru for his latest course / ebook / whatever,  what  YOU DO have to do is educate yourself enough to ask the relevant questions and discover the info for free on the internet. Start out at wikipedia! Rant over…….

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How To Trash Your Blog – The Value Of Backups

By ShowMeTheMoney | October 22, 2007

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and managed to pretty much trash the entire blog. Not sure what I did but Wordpress didnt like it. Just had to delete wordpress entirely from the server and reinstall it. Good job I have the themes and posts backed up else I’d be starting from scratch! Always, always backup….you do backup dont you? 😉

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BlogRush. Hit or Miss?

By ShowMeTheMoney | October 22, 2007

I notice John Reeses BlogRush is undergoing a few changes. They have removed over 10,000 low quality (spammy?) blogs from the system for starters. Every marketing blog I visit these days seems to have the BlogRush widget up on their site. Its obviously been a massive success in terms of getting known and used but whether or not its bringing in much traffic to the average user is hard to say. I honestly havent noticed much coming into my blog from the system. You cant fault John for his promotion and implementation of the thing though, its had massive uptake, maybe too much infact…

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Time To Give Google The Finger?

By ShowMeTheMoney | October 16, 2007

Time to give Google the finger? Err probably not, at least if you’ve seen the latest search engine rankings (small pun there) from a survey over on the BBC news site.

Google sites 37 billion searches
Yahoo sites – 8.5 billion
Baidu 3.2 billion
Microsoft sites 2.1 billion
NHN 2 billion
eBay 1.3 billion
Time Warner 1.2 billion
Ask 743 million
Fox 683 million
Lycos 441 million
Total worldwide searches: 61 billion

Which means love them or loath them Google wipes the floor with the rest of the pack. Personally I dont think its healthy that one company has so much influence over the internet. For web site owners when Google says jump most ask how high?.  They have no choice whether its via PPC or organic search results realistically if you want to sell something from your site you need to make sure the big G is kept happy.

I love this quote from Felix Dennis,which I think applies here,
When I see a whale hanging about in a lagoon getting fatter and fatter my immediate reaction is to reach for my harpoon. ..

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