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Affiliate Marketing and Black Hat SEO?

By ShowMeTheMoney | November 3, 2007

November already eh! New month, new project here at Monkey HQ. Just spent all week working with a friend of mine on the framework behind some new sites. We have churned out some serious code this week, more than I’ve written since I quit my software dev job back in 2005. It felt quite like old times…..except we weren’t working on mind numbingly boring and tedious jobs, oh and the coffees miles better 🙂 

I’ve also gone  over to the dark side…well maybe only a tad…

Whatever you may think of Black Hat Techniques there’s no denying that some of the real black hatters know more about how Google’s search engine algorithm works  than all of the so called SEO experts put together. They’ve learned by experimentation (probably more than is healthy for them!) what strategies work for SEO and what don’t. I am sick of hearing the expert and not so expert tell me the latest SEO theories. Well I don’t want theories, I want facts. What really works and what doesent….at least to the extent that it actually makes a differece to the traffic coming to my site via the Big G…..

And like it or not the guys with the 1,000,000 pages indexed Black Hat spam sites have many of the answers when it comes to SEO (via the sheer amount of experimentation they have had to undertake). For every ten sites they put up they probably lose another ten from Google’s  indexes. So they are in a constant battle to stay ahead of the game. Now I don’t intend to throw up a million spam filled pages every week! I do intend to pay serious attention to some of the things I’ve learned and apply them to my own projects.

Now some people (for “some” read “vast majority of web site owners making zero money”) seem to think Google is this benevolent organisation intent on a level playing field for all etc, etc (don’t make me laugh.) Lets get real, Google is a commercial operation, its not a charity, they owe you nothing, zip, zilch. At the end of the day they work for their shareholders, just make sure you dont work for their shareholders as well! You don’t have to bend over backwards to appease these guys, you just have to think outside the box and work smarter than the average website owner……

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